ADAM GORAL is an intrepid cinematographer living in Los Angeles. He likes big ideas and strong choices and so is attracted to storytellers that take chances. Adam's education and eclectic life experiences make him the perfect collaborator for a diverse set of directors. He is highly adaptable and relishes the opportunity to tell a compelling story across any and all genres.
Originally from Massachusetts, Adam went to college in Washington D.C. before earning an MFA in Cinematography from the University of Southern California. Having spent over a 13 years in Los Angeles, Adam has focused and honed his eye for composition and lighting technique while employing the diplomacy necessary to lead a large crew with big personalities.
Adam holds a brown belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and if he wasn't a filmmaker he'd be a warrior monk traveling the land, getting into adventures.
Proud member of the I.C.G. Local 600.

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